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Everything You Need to Know

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  • What are the Gate Codes and Hours of Operation
    Current Gate Lock Codes: updated Dec 2023 North: C R A N E South: B R E A K SOUTH GATE [RIVER] 5am to 9 pm +505 5821 4065 Guards: Roman, Elvis, Felix NORTH GATE 6am to 9pm +505 8546 6128 Guards: Ito, Franklin, Felix, Elvis Night Guards: Oscar, Johany Current Gate Lock Codes: North: C R A N E South: B R E A K
  • Who do I call in the case of an Emergency?
    Police: San Juan del Sur 2568 2382 Police Chief: Sr. Mojica Personal number: 505-8864-3314 Guard on Duty: 5821-4065 Daniel: Administrator 5846-6992
  • Can we light a fire on our Lot?
    CLICK HERE to view the current Burn Policy application Guidelines • Lot burning is only allowed during the designated Rain Season. • Approval from the Safety Commitee is required before any burn, even during the Rain Season. • Only organic material may be burned, no garbage or plastics. • The use of accelerants is strictly prohibited. • Burning activities must not cause a nuisance or hazard to neighboring propeties. The owner will be responsible for advising affected neighbors of the planned burn. • Adequate fire extinguishing equipment must be readily available. • Owners and or designated persons must monitor the burn the entire time and fully extinguish the fire before leaving. Approval Process • Residents must submit a written request to the Board, providing necessary information. • The Board will review all requests based on weather conditions, risks, and community impact. • Approval or denial will be communicated in writng.
  • Who do I call if there is a Water Problem?
    Contact our Administrator Daniel Salaverri 505-5846-6992
  • How are we charged for Water?
    CLICK HERE to view the current Water Policy At Big Sky Ranch, water lines are delivered to your lot boundary when purchased. When you require water to your site for construction, there is a hook up fee and an amount charged per cubic meter during construction. When you move into your home, there is a formula for the average water use based on number of bedrooms.
  • How many Lots are in Big Sky Ranch?
    There are 51 Lots in Phase I of Big Sky and all have been sold.
  • Who is the Board of Directors and how do I get a hold of them?
    The main email address for the BOD is ADAM ROSENHEK – LOT 17 Tel and Whatsapp: +505 7645 4489 Email: SEAN BOCKHOLD – LOT 46 Tel and Whatsapp: +1 (778) 998-2699 Email: ADAM WILLIAMS – LOT 43A Tel and Whatsapp: +505 7810 1061 Email: SHARON HENDERSON – LOT 48 Tel and Whatsapp: +64 210 467 239 Email: BRYAN DAVES – LOT 32 Tel and Whatsapp: +505 8973 2642 Current Adminstrator DANIEL SALAVERRI [New Wave Management] Tel and WhatsApp Nicaragua: +505.5846-6992 Email:
  • What are the Current HOA dues?
    The current HOA dues for 2023 are $135/month. Subject to change annually.
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